Title: The Climate Blueprint

Genre: Documentary

Topics: Climate Change, Current Affair, Environmental, Science, Nature

Rights: Worldwide


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Next December 2015, Paris will hold the COP 21, the most important climate change summit since Kyoto back in 1997. All the international community efforts are focused in that summit so that we will get a new global agreement against global warming that will down in history as the Paris Protocol. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Laurent Fabius, and the Deputy Minister for Development of France, Pascal Canfin, explain in this documentary how France is preparing for this historical meeting.

For the first time ever, The Climate Blueprint approaches to the history of this fight against climate change. Under the framework of the United Nations, 194 countries meet once a year during two extremely hectic weeks at the Conference of the Parties (COP), a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Summit. They gather to take decisions, strategies, deadlines and actions to stop the climate change. They negotiate and plan the battle to counter and cut down the enemy. Scientists, politicians and NGOs come together to try to reduce what nowadays is unavoidable.

The most important and decisive battle is been conceived now: we have to avoid by all means to have a 4ºC rise, or even a 6ºC rise at 2100, as scientific reports are forecasting. It’s mandatory a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions to avoid it. It’s not easy at all. These meeting, which are attended by more than 15000 people from all over the world, have turned into a desperate countdown. The time to have actions is running out. They barely sleep, they barely eat. They negotiate forcefully with an only aim: to decide how and who should reduce the emissions.

The Climate Blueprint collects testimonies from ministers, scientists and NGOs that explain to us how these summits work, the summits where the future of our climate is being decided, and therefore, of our civilization as we know now.

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